Lock in the warmth

Double Low "E" glass provides year-round savings and comfort. It's the clearest and highest-performing glass available, with layers of transparent silver that allow the glass to reject the sun's heat in the summer and reflect furnace heat back into your home in the winter.

Argon Gas

Argon Gas gives you the best thermal performance possible. It is an inert, slow-moving gas, and by replacing the air between the panes of a window with it, heat loss is prevented.

Long lasting Colours

All of our windows are available in solid PVC white or cream extrusions. As an option, the exterior can be painted with a finish in 27 standard colours, and matched with a white, cream or painted interior (limitations apply). The painted finish uses a premium water-based, eco-friendly paint formula for fade resistance and colour retention. (Custom colour matching available.)

Super Spacer

With Super Spacer your windows will remain condensation-free for many years to come. Condensation occurs first around the window's edge where surface temperatures are coldest. If a standard "aluminum" spacer exists, condensation will form on the glass edge when temperatures fall, even if there is minimal humidity indoors. Yet, with Super Spacer, the problem is virtually eliminated.